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Buddhism is a philosophy about our inner "Quest for truth". The quest for truth (whatever that means) in our modern society, is done thru scientific objective observation. Hence, ritual practices and dogmatic beliefs are not a part of our public agenda. We promote free-will, self-mastery, and personal experience.

We use a Zen approach to help the mind shift its perception of the universe, and various practices to attain Samadhi, or elevated consciousness. From there, some of us conduct laboratory experiments for the advancement of humanity.  

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June 27th 2008
Book of Introductive Teachings now available

May 29th 2008
Research update: Plant growth acceleration
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May 13-17, 2008
United Nations invites us to Vesak 2008
Hanoi, Vietnam

Our mission

  • Spread the Buddhist philosophy, stripped out of any dogmatic or religious beliefs, to make it accessible to our modern scientific world
  • Study phenomena related to consciousness with an objective scientific approach (non-mystical)


We are available to travel wherever you would invite us, conditionally that all fees (travel, lodging, consumption) be covered. Once the seminar is over, all are invited to give a donation according to their means and to the value they give to the teachings that they have received. Contact us for more information.


Most of our teachings are available to non-members. This association is meant for the “science enthusiast” Buddhist. You should remain free in your mind, and not attached to any organization, including this one.

It is useful to become a member of the QB Association if you wish to participate in our research, or if you wish to go through the ancestral training of esoteric Buddhism without entering a religious group. This approach is usually offered to those who wish to have a more profound experience of Buddhism. However, we remain non-dogmatic even in our religious approach. Each member remains free, and responsible for their own evolution. Contact us for more information.

Hard to understand?

Quantum Buddhism uses a dictionary borrowed to Quantum Science. If this type of dialogue is too hard to understand, you may want to:


You can help the Quantum Buddhism Association in its projects by making a donation of your choice. Click here.

We seek help in establishing a laboratory, or participating in existing laboratory studies. We also seek help in spreading the teachings.


Consult the calendar of events and attend to those you wish that are organized by the association, or by its administrator, Maha Vajra.

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